Generous Church – Stewardship Campaign

We are very grateful to the many people who support the church in the Thornthwaite, Braithwaite and Newlands in a wide variety of ways. Financially, however we are dependent on a small handful of people and are struggling.

Through our Generous Church Stewardship Campaign we are aiming to increase the sustainability of the church in our parish and to balance our budget. The campaign runs up to Harvest when we’ll celebrate the generous love of God and His abundant gifts to us. See more about the campaign and other activities in the August-October Parish News.

We’re asking people in the community to consider if they are able to make a small, regular donation to help sustain our mission, ministry and buildings. We know that circumstances differ and that’s ok. But we’d also ask you to pause and consider if your local church is worth the price of a cup of coffee a week (£10 a month)?

We hope church members, including regular members of the congregation and members of the electoral roll will consider their giving. The principal of tithing is adopted by some – aiming to give away 10% of their (after tax) income split between the church and other charitable causes.

Whatever you can give as a one-off donation or by setting up regular giving will help us sustain and develop the work of the church in the Parish of Thornthwaite cum Braithwaite with Newlands.

The attachment contains details of our bank account and also a Gift Aid form:

Stewardship Donation Form