Start! introduces Christianity through six interactive, small-group sessions.

The Start! course makes no assumptions about participants’ background or experience or knowledge of Christianity or the church.

  • When: Wednesday 7-9pm, May 16, 23 and June 6, 13, 20, 27
  • Where: Braithwaite Church Hall
  • Host: Rev. Judith Ashurst

A fast-paced, interactive exploration of the Christian faith. In six lively sessions we look at:

  • Life – what’s it all about and where are we going?
  • God – does he exist and, if so, what is he like?
  • Mess–why is the world–and all of us-so messed up?
  • Jesus – who was he, and how can he be relevant today?
  • Cross – what can the death of Jesus mean for us now?
  • Onwards – how can I go forward with God in my life?

If you’ve got questions about life and the Christian faith and are looking for answers, why not come along to the first session and see.