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The more of us that use this web site the more valuable it becomes for passing on news, and details of events etc.

The ‘What’s New’ page of the site can update you automatically when there is a new entry. To get these updates just enter your email address in the box ‘follow blog via email’ which is at the bottom of each page. See the attached for more information including screenshots.

Guide to What’s New

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Electoral Roll – It’s time to register

As we explained in the recent Parish Magazine, in 2019 (and every 6th year), we are required to start from scratch with our Electoral Roll. So, if you want to on the Electoral Roll, and for example eligible to attend the Annual Parish Meeting or be on the PCC, you need to re-register.

Forms are available in all three churches and attached:  application-for-enrolment-electoral-roll-20132-1

Return forms to the Electoral Roll Officer Sue Grant (see Magazine for contact details) or just bring along to any service before the deadline. Deadline 16th March.

Our Values

At the recent PCC we confirmed a set of values. Our aim is to put them into practice.

We value:


– because then we know we are depending on God’s strength, not our own.


– because without love, our deeds are worth nothing and we cannot claim to be followers of Jesus.


– not just what we say at the door but built into everything we do and how we relate.


– enjoying being a Christian community here in this special part of God’s world.

Having a go

– because it’s ok not to get it right first time.

PCC Awayday

We had a PCC away day at Rydal Hall to spend time together thinking about the future of the church in this parish. It was a good day, lots of ideas and energy. One of the activities gave us a chance to explore our dreams for the church. Being open to all was a strong theme as was involving children and families.

Drawing pictures allowed us to work together creatively and share our hopes and dreams for the church

Notes from the day and a paper setting out ideas on priorities and next steps have been circulated and will be discussed as the next PCC