Moving Mountains – Lent Course

After all the planning we’re nearly there. Moving Mountains starts with the Lent Course which kicks off on Weds 14th Feb. at 7.15

The first session is at Braithwaite and then further sessions running up to Easter will be shared between us and Crossthwaite.

“Welcome to Telling Stories, a Lent series looking at incidents in the life of Moses, and relating those to the different ways God works in our lives today. We will also explore how we can share our life and faith with others. The first session is about just that: ‘My Story’.”

Full details follow.


Come and Join in a Wave of Prayer – Thy Kingdom Come

Between 25th May and 4th June, communities and churches around the world are gathering together to pray for their friends, families and neighbours and for the wider world. Find out more…

Our churches in Thornthwaite, Braithwaite and Newlands are always open for prayer, but during these 10 days, there is a special invitation to make time to pray.

There will be ideas for prayer available at all three churches, and prayer activity stations suitable for all ages at St Herbert’s, Braithwaite.