Messy Church – 12th Nov

Our first Messy Church at Braithwaite was on Sunday 12th November. Our theme was peace and we had a range of activities on the including making doves of peace and poppies.

The doves and our handprint wreath were part of the short celebration service. Then we all shared in a meal – pasta bolognaise this time.

It was great to have the church so packed with people of all ages. We’re looking forward to next time. Tell your friends!

PCC Awayday

We had a PCC away day at Rydal Hall to spend time together thinking about the future of the church in this parish. It was a good day, lots of ideas and energy. One of the activities gave us a chance to explore our dreams for the church. Being open to all was a strong theme as was involving children and families.

Drawing pictures allowed us to work together creatively and share our hopes and dreams for the church

Notes from the day and a paper setting out ideas on priorities and next steps have been circulated and will be discussed as the next PCC

Praying Together – Thy Kingdom Come

For 10 days between Ascension Day and Pentecost, St Herbert’s Church was transformed into a variety of Prayer Stations to help us pray for the world, for people in our own country and those closest to us. They also helped us to remember to be still, to know how much we are loved by God and to ask him to help us to forgive others.

It was especially moving that so many of the prayers were for the people of Manchester following the bombing at the Ariana Grande concert.A Danish philosopher and religious writer, Soren Kierkegaard said this about prayer:

The function of prayer is not to influence God, but rather to change the nature of the one who prays’.

All ages found it a great opportunity to pray. We were delighted to be joined by three classes from Braithwaite School.

We’ve now started Praying Together, a monthly prayer meeting. We’ll be gathering on the last Friday of each month to prayer for those we know who are in particular need, for our community and the wider world. Look out for details in the calendar on this web site.

Also remember that our churches are open and you’re welcome to use them for a moments quiet and for prayer.