GDPR – protecting your privacy

We make careful and very limited use of personal information. Following the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) taking effect in May 2018, the Parochial Church  Council (PCC) of Thornthwaite cum Braithwaite with Newlands


1)        the need for safe and secure handling and storage of personal data

2)        the need for prior consent to holding personal data for clear purposes and periods of time

3)        the need to use personal data only for the use for which it was collected

4)        the need to manage ‘data breaches’ quickly and effectively


1)        to conduct a data audit of the information held, by whom and for what purpose to            ensure GDPR compliance

2)        to adopt a Data Privacy Notice

3)        to seek consent for data handling

4)        to hold such consent forms securely for the duration of the consent of the individual

5)        to follow diocesan and national policies

6)        to inform the Diocese and the Information Commissioner’s Office of any breach in data policy / privacy notice involving risk to the individual within the statutory 72 hour period.

Our privacy policy is attached: privacy statement