There are so many resources to help you on your way following Jesus. Here are some that help us.

Living our Values – day by day

We’ve got a clear purpose and set of values. We want them to mean something day by day. One step we’ve taken is to think about one of the values and one topic for prayer each day. Hopefully we can help each other along the way.

See Growing together


Being Disciples: Essentials of the Christian Life

Rowan Williams, SPCK, 2016 (86 pages)

“The aim of this little book is simple: to help you see more clearly, love more dearly and follow more nearly the way of Jesus Christ”

I picked this book by Rowan Williams because of the many recommendations, including from Archbishop Justin Welby. The book is thoughtful, interesting, and challenging. It rewards careful and second reading. It isn’t academic or technical. Each chapter stands alone and together they build into a bigger picture.

Spiritual Practices

Bible Reading

Word Live from Scripture Union provides free, daily reading notes. See here

Resilient is a book by Sheridan Voysey. It provides 90 beautifully written short reflections on the Sermon on the Mount. Suitable for daily reading.


Thy Kingdom Come is a global prayer initiative started by Archbishop Justin Welby. As well as the week of prayer the web site is starting to provide some resources to help us as we pray.

Naked Spirituality is one of many valuable books by Brian McClaren. He provides 12 words, linking us to twelve types of prayer for the different situations we face in life from great problems to rejoicing. He builds on what we are familiar with on a Sunday – prayers of thanksgiving, intercession, worship etc. in a really helpful way.


Scargill House in the Yorkshire Dales provides a brilliant programme of holidays, retreats and opportunities to learn more. Take time to relax, reflect, share with others and move forward in your journey.


Some of us find keeping a spiritual Journal a good way to take a few minutes to pause and reflect. It’s an opportunity to ‘think while you write’ and can often be a source of guidance and inspiration.

Sheridan Voysey provides great guidance on why and how to keep a journal, not least that you don’t need to write every day. See his blog entry here.

Rule of Life

The ‘new monastic movement’ is building on the centuries of experience of the religious communities and is for people living out their faith in the world. One offering of the movement is the idea of a ‘rule of life’. There are many around. Scargill provide a valuable example. You might find it a useful resource to help you shape your journey.

New Perspectives

I’ve picked this short video by Miriam Swaffield which provides an energetic and fresh take on the journey of faith. Its called  ‘the way we walk‘. Miriam leads Fusion which works with students.