Friends Of Newlands


newladns    We believe that the Newlands Valley wouldn’t be the same without the Church and feel sure that visitors would agree     and would want to help ensure its continuing  presence for future generations.

   Why do we need your help ?

    We endeavour to meet our day to day costs from within the local worshipping and wider community, but we also need to     be able to meet the larger non regular maintenance costs as and when they arise. Our architectural inspection in 2017        estimates that we will need to incur costs of some £30,000 over the next five years to maintain the church in a        satisfactory condition.

What can you do ?

By joining the ‘Friends of Newlands Church’ you will be contributing to meeting these costs and assisting in securing its future  by keeping the fabric of the building in good condition.

We will keep you up to date by sending an annual Newsletter.

Why not join the Friends of Newlands Church? Just print a copy of the membership form and post a completed copy to us.

FoN membership form (Word)