24hrs of prayer – we had a go

I’d like to share just a little bit of our experience of running 24hrs of prayer in the parish of Thornthwaite cum Braithwaite with Newlands (TBN) as part of Thy Kingdom come. In brief, we’re so glad we did it – we’re just working out when to have another go.

 Well, the 24hrs happened 7pm to 7pm. We started and ended with a simple service of night prayer (Compline). All the slots were filled. About 20 people took part. Everyone said how quickly their hour or two passed.

Most people used and valued one or more of the prayer stations. Eleven of us took part in the final Compline, it was generally felt that there was a great sense of peace, that we were more aware of the church as a ‘thin place’ than normal.


It was probably a good thing that there was only a short time between the first discussion and the 24hrs – we just had to get on with it – and we’re so glad we did.